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deviation in storage by Ninjaco
There's good stuff, and F.A.R.T.


I'm currently trying to program a fighting game, and need 3D and 2D artists.

The game is a tag team 3 vs 3 fighter starring Superheroes. I'm trying to make a game in vein of those super hero tag team games of yore, you know?

But, since nobody wants to hear from Disney's Lawyers, this Super Heroes would be from the public domain, albeit since most of those are from the 1940's they would be altered to be more like modern characters.

I've got lots of ideas for fighting mechanics and story modes and things like that. Things that the classic tag team super hero fighting games of yore should have had, but didn't. But the game needs itself some animation, and even if I was good at animation and art, I can't program AND make the art myself.

The game is in 2d, but for the most part I would prefer to use prerendered CG, since the assets are easier to reuse than traditional animation. Still, Anime Studio and it's ilk can do some nice things, so don't be shy if that's what you know.

I can't promise you no money, no points, no nothing. I do would like to take the game to crowdfunding eventually, but that's less a promise and more an aspiration.

For now, what I can promise you is that we can make a game together and have fun. So if you like fun, and fighting games, and can make animation, then we can work together.
BGE: Pick and Choose by Batzarro
BGE: Pick and Choose
I poke a bit of fun at the ethical arguments of pre birth genetic manipulation and designer babies. I just think it's weird that the same society that says that ending a baby before he is born is ok because it's the mother's choice would suddenly turn around and start to question the ethics of using that choice to make the baby be born stronger or weaker or different.

I know this is a controversial topic, so I want to make it abundantly clear that it is not the topic of this comic to tell you whether abortion should be legal, or is right. Just to poke fun at the society that deems IT right, but suddenly thinks it has any moral standing against making STRONGER babies. YOU ALREADY DECIDED THIS. HER BODY. HER CHOICE. CASE CLOSED DECADES AGO.
Run, Wonder Bootleg by Batzarro
Run, Wonder Bootleg
Yes, I think someone needed to make some art for this, since I looked it up on Deviantart and came up with nothing.

It's Wonder Princess, AKA  Korean Bootleg Anime Wonder Woman.  I had a blast watching and reviewing it recently, and thought I'd share with all you  nice people out there. While it does take some pretty big liberties with Wonder Woman, I argue that it's more like Wonder Woman than some of DC's scant few attempts. Have you even SEEN the TV movie? SHIEEEET!

I also threw in Giorgio Tsoukalos in there. Well, Wonder Woman IS an alien in the movie...…
Harpy Color Test by Batzarro
Harpy Color Test
For that fighting game thing. Belle Martin was essentially a murderous Scooby Doo villain in her original appearance. So I'm taking that to it's logical extreme. I also wanted to change her name to Harmony Pie, so it would be like, thematic and stuff. But I pulled away from it because it was way too stupid, even for me!

I'm thinking of going with an unnatural skin tone. It's not like she can't just wear makeup.
Concept Wonder vs Capture by Batzarro
Concept Wonder vs Capture
I'm trying to make a tag team superhero fighting game. While I'm a bit over my head when it comes to making a Gamemaker tag team fighter that rivals the Vs series, I'm hoping eventually I can have enough proof of concept for a Kickstarter.

Regardless, the game would star public domain characters as seen here with Comet, Spider Queen, Blue Bolt, Black Dragon  and Bombshell. If you know anything about this guys, you know that there's some heavy changes over here, especially Bombshell, who was a young boy and not an enormous woman. But...if you're that big a Bombshell fan to care, you're 90 years old.


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I was dancing with the devil...'s lawyers.

Shameless self promotion for Freeze Fever, incoming.

It's a game, it's about an evil Snow Queen, and you will grow to love it. Keep a girl frozen, and don't let her go!…

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