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Smallville NES Port 0.1 by Batzarro Smallville NES Port 0.1 by Batzarro
Where does one start? For centuries, I've been infatuated with MIDI files. You, know, those computer sequenced music files? O, Yeah. I would hear the theme of a TV show or movie, and imagine a Nes or Sega Genesis game.

Eventually, I made a MIDI of the Smallville theme by Remy Zero. Then I made an 8 bit screen. 2 month's later, here you are.

Yeah, I watch Smallville because it's the closest there is to a SUperman Live action show. Other than that, It's allready becoming frustrating enought that I'd rather watch reruns of Flapjack or Countdown.

Yes, it's crappy, half on purpose. It's not gonna break down AVGN, but it's a start.

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